1: Title: "The Game Changers: Internet Revolutionizes Social Media" As the internet emerged, it revolutionized social media, providing a new dimension to how people connect and communicate. Discover the oldest social media platforms that paved the way for the digital age.

2: Title: "Friendster: Pioneering Connections since 2002" Friendster, launched in 2002, opened doors for online friends and networking. It paved the way for modern social media platforms today, leaving a significant impact on the digital landscape.

3: Title: "MySpace: The Rise of Personalized Profiles" MySpace, founded in 2003, introduced personalized user profiles, allowing individuals to express their creativity and individuality. It became a cultural phenomenon, influencing subsequent social media networks.

4: Title: "LinkedIn: Powering Professional Networks since 2003" LinkedIn, founded in 2003, created a platform designed for professional networking. It has become a crucial tool for career growth, connecting individuals across industries and facilitating business opportunities.

5: Title: "YouTube: Video Sharing Redefined" YouTube, established in 2005, transformed the way we consume and share videos online. It has become an integral part of popular culture, empowering content creators and entertaining millions worldwide.

6: Title: "Twitter: The Birth of Microblogging" Twitter, born in 2006, introduced the concept of microblogging, revolutionizing real-time communication in 280 characters or less. It has shaped political discourse, breaking news, and global conversations.

7: Title: "Facebook: A Social Media Giant Takes the Stage" Facebook, launched in 2004, surpassed boundaries, connecting individuals globally. It redefined social networking, offering features like status updates, photo sharing, and event creation, forever changing online interactions.

8: Title: "Reddit: The Birthplace of Online Communities" Reddit, founded in 2005, established an online platform facilitating discussions and communities across various topics. It harnesses the power of collective knowledge, enabling individuals to explore and share interests.

9: Title: "Tumblr: A Haven for Creatives" Tumblr, created in 2007, provided a home for the artistic and creative community. With its easy-to-use interface and sharing capabilities, it became a hub for bloggers, visual artists, and content enthusiasts. Note: The provided content is within the word limit of 35 words per page, focusing on the oldest social media platforms and their impact on the internet's evolution. Remember to adjust the formatting and design aspects to suit the Google Web Stories format.