1: "Discover Netflix's Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Movies - the Cream of the Crop!"

2: "1. Beasts of No Nation: Gripping war drama with powerful performances."

3: "2. The Irishman: Scorsese's epic crime saga hailed as a masterpiece."

4: "3. Roma: A visually stunning portrayal of domestic struggles."

5: "4. Marriage Story: Raw and emotional exploration of relationships."

6: "5. Mudbound: Captivating tale of racial divides in post-WWII America."

7: "6. Okja: An intriguing and thought-provoking sci-fi adventure."

8: "7. Icarus: Riveting documentary uncovering sports doping scandals."

9: "8. My Happy Family: A touching story of personal liberation and love."