1: 1. Friendster: Pioneering social network connecting people worldwide. Set the stage for what social media would become. 2. Six Degrees: Introduced the concept of connecting friends online, laying the groundwork for future platforms.

2: 3. MySpace: Reigned as the most popular networking site, allowing users to customize their profiles and connect with music artists. 4. LinkedIn: Shaped professional networking, connecting millions of professionals across industries.

3: 5. Facebook: Revolutionized social interaction on a global scale, offering features like news feeds, likes, and photo sharing. 6. Twitter: Introduced microblogging, enabling users to share thoughts in 140 characters or less.

4: 7. YouTube: Transformed the way we consume and share video content, empowering creators and reaching billions of viewers worldwide. 8. Instagram: Popularized photo and video sharing, influencing visual storytelling and the rise of influencers.

5: 9. Snapchat: Innovated with vanishing content, bringing ephemeral messaging and stories to a new generation of users.

6: 10. TikTok: Redefined short-form video entertainment, captivating millions with creative and viral content.

7: 11. Pinterest: Introduced the concept of visual discovery, becoming a go-to platform for inspiration and hobbies.

8: 12. Reddit: Fostered online communities and forums, offering a hub for discussions, news, and niche interests.

9: 13. WhatsApp: Revolutionized instant messaging, connecting users globally through encrypted and convenient communication.